MP3 TapeLess Deck Project

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Converting vintage cassette
recorder into unique music player

Imagine vintage tape deck with capabilities of digital player...
Imagine that you no longer need to change tapes to play favourite music...
Imagine superb sound quality without wow and flutter...

Yes, it's here... Let me introduce the
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MP3 TapeLess Deck main features:
Play, rewind/skip tracks and manage your music library with just a touch. One finger operated :)
Perfect fit to simulate original cassette size. Complete illusion of working tape deck - animated cassette reels and tape functions.
Upload songs/albums and manage music library wirelessly from your PC or Mac. All you need is just a web browser.

MP3 Tapeless Deck stores much more music than just one casette. All your favourite albums in one device!
The Tapeless Deck can play both MP3 and lossless FLAC files. It's an excellent choice if you care about sound quality.
With built-in software or additional applications, you can use MP3 Deck as Internet Radio, Spotify player or anything you wish...
Instaling additional applications, you can use your MP3 Tapeless Deck in many ways. Just use your imagination...

Your MP3 Tapeless Deck can work as digital FM Radio. Just switch it on and listen to your favourite FM stations...

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How is it made?
Complete process of transforming vintage cassette recorder into unique MP3 player


The first step is to find a tape recorder that will be suitable for modification and then precisely imagine and plan the final effect. Due to the solid, durable construction and simplicity, vintage mechanical decks are my favourite choice, but I also work with modern, soft-logic mechanisms.

The heart of the system is a touchscreen smartphone with dedicated software. The phone have to be  equipped with enough built-in memory or additional memory card for music storage. What else? Suitable charger,  audio cables, connectors and jacks, some tools and a lot of creativity and invention :)

It's time for assembling and matching components, including precision mechanical works and some electronic tricks to connect signal source to the tape recorder circuits with no distortions. The hardest thing is to put the the smartphone into the cassette compartment without the use of a hammer :)

Finally, device looks and acts as a real tape deck - including mesmerizing cassette animation, working level meters, adjustable output signal and so on. Beautiful piece of hand-made craftmanship. Moreover, each MP3 TapeLess Deck is a unique, handcrafted device, the only one in the world.

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