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MP3 TapeLess Deck Project
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A man, a passion and the idea...

I love old HiFi equipment - mainly because of its fantastic sound, but I also admire the mastery of engineers who create such fabulous constructions. Before era of digital CD players, cassette recorders were most advanced masterpieces of engineering craftmanship. It was real art, to create precise and sophisticated mechanisms without using any CAD software or computer simulations. Today we can meet many of them - broken, damaged, forgotten. Could there be something more beautiful than giving them a new life? That's why I invented the MP3 TapeLess Deck Project.

What was the hardest thing when I started this project? Just come to the crazy idea, that converting an old tape recorder into the mp3 player is possible and makes sense. The rest was as simple as using relativity theory in practice... :)

For many years I have been passionate about collecting vintage HiFi equipment. I clean, renew, repair and restore to life old amplifiers, decks, tuners, loudspeakers and other stuff.

One day I came up with an idea to mount a smarphone into a broken tape recorder and use it as a vintage-looking digital music player. MP3 TapeLess Deck Project was born...

I'm a graphic artist, copywriter, designer and blogger. I love my job and spend most of my work listening to the music. My second passion is DIY with HiFi equipment. Why not combine these interests?

Need to know more about MP3 TapeLess Decks? Feel free to contact me and ask anything.  

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