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and the most common answers :)


It' s a combination of a original vintage cassette recorder and a vintage smartphone :) The heart of the system is a touchscreen smartphone equipped with dedicated software and memory for music storage. Phone is permanently mounted inside mechanically reworked cassete compartment (some of the deck mechanisms are removed). Phone is also electrically modified and connected to deck circuits to imitate standard deck behavior, e.g. working level meters, some regulations, adjustable output level and so on. All functions are operated by touching phone screen. It is no rocket science, neverthless it needs a lot of experimenting, some clever electronic tricks, heavy mechanical works like sawing, cutting and drilling; soldering, tons of glue and at last - a little bit of craziness and creativity :) In effect each of my Tapeless Decks is a unique handcrafted masterpiece, the only one of its kind in the world :) Enjoy!

How much is it?

It depends. Finished and ready-to-use decks have a given price. Please see the offer in my collection. When I convert a new deck (from my collection or given by the customer), the price depends on many factors - mechanical and electrical construction of deck, the complexity of work, used components, amount of memory and so on. Just contact me, I will try to estimate the costs for you.
How long does it take to convert the deck?

About a week, from the moment I complete the necessary elements - a suitable deck, good smartphone, memory and other parts I need to conversion.
Is every deck suitable for conversion?

Not everyone. Some tape recorders are not suitable for processing due to their mechanical and electrical design. The old, simple vintage decks with mechanical keys are my favourite choice for conversion, but I also work with more modern, sotf-logic recorders.
Deck intended for conversion must be electrically functional. Audio circuits, inputs/outputs, level meters, regulations, switches, etc. should work correctly. Engine, belts and gears are not important, may be broken or damaged.
Will the MP3 TapeLess Deck work normally as a tape recorder?

Unfortunately not. During processing, many mechanical parts are removed forever, so you will no longer be able to use the cassettes. Never ever. The conversion to Tapeless Deck is irreversible.
What is shipping cost to my country?

Please check the SHIPPING page - I gave there delivery prices to most european countries.
Is there any warranty for the deck?

Tapeless Deck is a combination of very old vintage deck and used phone. As with all used, second-hand devices, the warranty is limited. I guarantee that every Tapeless Deck works exactly as described in detailed page and it has all functions shown in promo movies, but I can't guarantee that it will last forever :)

How can I listen to the music?

In many ways. Every Tapeless Deck offers a lot of possibilities - MP3/FLAC player with cassette animation, Internet radio and FM radio (some models). If you want, you can install any Android application - for example your favourite music streaming service: Tidal, Spotify, Dezeer, Pandora... or whatever you need. Just imagine and enjoy :)
How can I upload music to Tapeless Deck?

All operations take place wirelessly, using any computer (PC/Mac) in your home WiFi network. Just log in your Tapeless Deck to your home WiFi and run AirDroid application that will help you to manage music files. Uploading, deleting, making folders, sorting - anything you wish. See TUTORIAL page for more details.
How to use Tapeless Deck app?

Please watch the movie below:
How is the smartphone powered? Should I charge the battery?

There is no battery inside, you don't need to charge it. The phone is powered by a modified charger all the time when the deck is connected to power supply.
How can I operate the phone inside the deck?

Just like a standard phone, with one exception - since the phone is built into the deck and the ON/OFF swith is inaccessible, so it was electrically connected to one of the keys in the deck. It works the same way as original. The rest is as simple as using a smartphone - just touch the screen :)
Should I connect the deck to the amplifier?

Sure, just like a regular deck - using an RCA/cinch cable. The output signal is standard and fits most home amplifiers. In some Tapeless Deck models you can adjust the level of the output signal.
How much memory is available? Can I add more memory later?

Tapeless Deck is equipped with 8GB storage as a standard. Expansion to 16 or 32GB is possible with extra cost. You should choose the memory size before purchasing ready deck or before ordering conversion of your deck. Later, it will not be possible to upgrade the memory without disassembling the deck. Better don't try this at home :)
Can I connect the Tapeless Decks with my network drive?

If you have a NAS, you can stream the music to Tapeless Deck. All you need is to install a dedicated software distributed by NAS producer (Android version). For example, if you use Synology drive, you will need DS Audio app.

Is there something still unclear? Just let me know - I will complete this page with missing information.

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